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Practice Areas

Real Estate

Our firm has had a great deal of experience with various types of real-estate transactions – from run-of-the-mill sales, to large-scale construction projects.
Israeli land law is by no means straightforward. It can fairly be said to be the combined legal product of three different political regimes that have ruled the land at different times: the Ottoman Empire, the British Mandate of Palestine, and the State of Israel. Anyone contemplating any type of real-estate transaction would be best advised to have on his or her side an experienced land lawyer, well-acquainted with the law as with inner-workings of the relevant government bodies (the Land Register, the Land Administration, the Land Taxation offices, and so on).

International Taxation and Wealth Management

Our firm specializes in sophisticated tax planning, both domestic and international. Our creative efforts have achieved some groundbreaking results in various areas of tax law. Our tax planning cases are quite diverse: whether setting up companies and bank accounts to do business at all parts of the world; making real-estate investments; as part of immigration to Israel (making Aliyah); for executive compensation plans (deferred compensation and retirement plans which are not covered by Israeli statutes); private estate planning, or any other matter – we shall cater to all your tax needs.
We have obtained pre-ruling decisions from the Israeli tax authorities, which have quite simply saved our clients a great deal of money.

Corporate, Commercial and Intellectual Property

Whilst the vast majority of our clients are indeed commercial clients, they nonetheless greatly vary from one another – both in terms of size (whether a public listed company or a small family businesses), as well as business sector (from well-known internet companies and foreign exchange traders, to wholesale food distributors and software vendors).
Our highly experienced Corporate Department caters to our commercial clients' widely diverse and varied needs. In addition to handling a broad range of mostly cross-border transactions – such as internet joint ventures, agency and distribution agreements, private equity transactions and license agreements, to name just a few – the Department routinely advises our clients on such issues, for example, as corporate governance, domestic and international taxation, internet law, intellectual property and labor law.
Other services offered by our Corporate Department include setting up Israeli and foreign entities, opening local and overseas bank accounts, and liaising with relevant commercial parties – ultimately seeing to every last one of our clients' legal needs.
Our practical and academic experience in the hi tech, arts, entertainment and copyright industries assists our clients with respect to all IP transfer, licensing and use issues. We represent recording artists and producers in all legal issues of the art and entertainment industry, including recording contracts, talent contracts, publishing agreements and production deals. We offer legal services and counsel on trademark matters and intellectual property strategies, and accompany Israeli ventures in their activities abroad, as well as international companies wishing to partner or invest with Israeli entities.

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