We at Tal Ron, Drihem & Co., pride ourselves in being exceptionally dedicated to our clients. We believe that it is extremely important to know our clients well. It is only then, that a lawyer can give his clients the best possible advice.
This holds true for large public companies, just as it does for private individuals. There is no need for you to get lost in an extra-large law firm, passed around at random between lawyers who are not in the slightest familiar with the big picture in your case. At Tal Ron, Drihem & Co., we are not pencil-pushing form fillers. Our legal team is fully versed in the history and all aspects of any given case and knows each case inside and out. And as our clients all know, we are available for them 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, for professional advice and one-on-one attention. That is why so many of our clients have been loyal for us for years.
Our firm, established in 2003 by lawyers Tal Ron and Yaniv Drihem, boasts a team of seven high-caliber lawyers – all of whom are graduates of leading Israeli, US and UK universities, and have previously worked for Israel's top law firms.
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