Ad Tech

The online advertising industry is vast and includes big players and many challenges. Strict privacy regulations and big players like Google and Facebook with their own rules make the waters very turbulent for ad-tech companies, and they have no choice but to comply with these rules. This is a slightly unusual sector in the hi-tech world since parties to an agreement can exist in symbiosis and exchange supplier-customer hats between themselves depending on commercial need, which can have implications of legal liability and payment offsets. 

The parties also face challenges of depending on back-to-back payments (“I’ll pay you as soon as they pay me”) which are indeed customary in this field, but some expressly exclude this. The greatest difficulty comes from claims of fraud – traffic (or part of it) that is delivered but does not suit the receiving party, which unilaterally decides not to pay, even for the parts that are not disputed. The main issue is that fraud claims come from within a company without any objective external confirmation that this is indeed problematic traffic. 

Our firm has a wealth of knowledge and experience in accompanying ad-tech companies. We are experts in the legal and business needs of our clients, and in preventing problems ahead of time, thereby providing our clients with peace of mind.

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