Affiliate Compliance

In recent years, the level of regulation across all kinds of websites (gaming, finance, crypto and e-commerce) has increased, reaching as far as lead and traffic providers – affiliates. 

In many parts of the world, there is a growing trend of submitting a license/permit application or of performing regular compliance for affiliates, in order to allow the affiliate to work with peace of mind. On gaming sites in the USA, for example, the operator (the owner of the license himself) is not only unable to work with an affiliate, but the affiliate is unable to open a bank account or receive payment into it, without completing this process. 

Approaches vary in other countries outside the USA, mainly depending upon the affiliate’s compensation model. In some cases, the regulator even sees the affiliate as bearing responsibility for all intents and purposes. The affiliate may be required to undergo a long and extensive examination. This can be avoided by following rules and with proper planning.

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