Pay-Ins & Pay-Outs

Companies that provide services to other companies (B2B) and companies that provide services to end customers (B2C and C2B) have different financial needs, and therefore must construct a financial infrastructure suited to them. In the case of C2B companies which receive payments from payment processors that know how to process payments from a large number of end users (pay-in), the flow of income is unidirectional. 

If the company wants to refund or pay the customer (B2C – say, for credit, or payout for a win), then this will sometimes be done by other means and not through the payment processor. Payments to suppliers and external consultants will be made in pay-out and will provide a solution that differs from pay-in.

Expert companies with advanced technologies and dedicated teams will be present in both ways. On the other end, there are B2B companies, whose needs are usually simpler, because they do not need to deal with financial matters related to end users. There are many other nuances which are important to know, including those related to compliance or operation, and our firm is always happy to tailor solutions to the client.

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