Banking for Israeli Companies

Banks in Israel operate in the international arena and compete for the hearts (and pockets) of hi-tech entrepreneurs, trying to attract them at any cost. Still, these banks must of course follow the supervisor of banks and are even under the watchful eye of the Bank of Israel. As such, they are considered somewhat conservative compared to their counterparts abroad. 

This is reflected in increased legislation and procedures concerning the prohibition of money laundering and terror financing, in difficulties with receiving funds originating from crypto or international activity in general, and in many restrictions on receiving funds from abroad from industries that are regulated by legislation and institutions in their place of operation.

A small number of bank branches in Israel specialize in providing solutions to the needs of entrepreneurs in these fields, and we know how to match companies with the profile of the branch. In some cases, an opinion will be required from our firm, and we will issue it for the benefit of the client and the benefit of the bank.

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