Gaming Affiliates

Gaming operators compete for each and every player and invest huge sums in creating lead funnels. This is true for financial affiliates, as well as for the crypto and recovery fields. 

Gaming affiliates often manage informative websites on which they publish statistics, comparisons and articles, thus growing a regular audience whose information can be forwarded to operators as leads. In addition, there are also affiliate networks that mediate between affiliates and operators. Affiliate networks have the advantage of size and specialization, and are linked to both affiliates and operators/brokers. 

They know how to optimize and connect between a specific operator’s needs and an affiliate who can supply appropriate leads. Despite the advantage of size, these networks do not generate the leads themselves, but are only the intermediary factor. 

There are many cases where affiliates want to work directly with the other party (broker, operator or e-commerce) and our office has exclusive connections in both directions for this purpose.

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