Gaming, Bets and Online Gambling

The online gaming sector is one of the first and most important of our firm’s activity. At Tal Ron, Drihem & Co., we provide ongoing and comprehensive legal support to established gaming and regulated gambling companies serving overseas markets, in accordance with relevant laws. In fact, our firm controls most of the legal services market in Israel for regulated gambling sites.

Our service package includes business and regulatory consulting for relevant markets, analysis of existing challenges and anticipated regulatory changes, full support in constructing a payment system, recommendation of technological service providers during technical system examinations, and obtaining legal opinions from former regulators. We personally guide companies that are just starting out, give them tours at leading conferences as well as face-to-face introductions, handle tenders between technology providers, payment providers, technology solutions providers and content providers (games), and even assist in locating suitable personnel for the company. Some of the companies that our office has accompanied since their establishment have been listed on the various stock exchanges in the USA, England, Canada and Sweden, others have made handsome exits, and the rest continue to run as private companies.

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