Global Outreach

Our office is located in the beating heart of the hi-tech and online industries, and the leading investment entities, in the HaArba’a Towers (Hagag) near Tel Aviv’s vibrant Sarona market. As a result of our financial and business resilience over years, we fully own our office spaces. Since 2003, we have created an extensive network of key contacts who are exceptional in their fields, at every point on the globe, and they assist us with complex issues. These include settling disputes with Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and eBay, canceling regulatory fines, providing comprehensive opinions on foreign laws, analysis of expected regulatory changes, and management of international commercial arbitrations.

In partnership with the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission, our firm organized an international regulators conference in El Nido, on the Philippine Island of Palawan. This conference was attended by over 20 heads of gaming regulation authorities, who flew in from around the globe especially for the conference.

Our office was the only law firm present at the conference, during which we also gave professional lectures. These relationships, and the cultivation of specialized expertise, allow us to provide a comprehensive range of services.

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