Hitech and Cyber

When dealing with groundbreaking fields and companies, integrated support – technological and legal – is key to success. Complex contracts, investment transactions, commercial support, technological due diligence, intellectual property, escrow and open source, privacy protection, compliance with standards and information security, security services export and division of liability in the various sectors – these are legal aspects of defensive and offensive cyber companies which require consideration. Most of these are also relevant to the various hi-tech companies, which we have been working with since 2003.

Some of these companies – a relatively high number – started working with us when we had just one or two employees (and a dog 😉) and achieved an exit, sale or valuation of hundreds of millions of dollars within a few years. Four of them are unicorns. In some of these deals, we introduced the parties.

Some of our team members have advanced degrees in computer science, and expertise in economics, engineering, cyber and technology.

As such, we have a deep understanding of issues that arise when it comes to legal representation in these areas.

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