How To Get A Gambling License

Gaming, Betting, and Online Gambling Licenses

When navigating the complex legal landscape surrounding gambling licensing, you need trusted experts who can guide you down the safe and narrow path. Tal Ron, Drihem & Co. specializes in this distinct legal area, providing the unique insight and support your organization needs to acquire and maintain international gaming licensing.

Our firm has an established presence in legal services for gaming, betting, and online gambling. We occupy the top position in the legal services market in Israel for regulated gambling sites. No other group can provide the experience and expertise that our lawyers deliver in this highly specialized area of law.


Comprehensive Gaming Service Packages

You can choose our firm to handle every aspect of creating your online gambling business. We provide legal guidance on how to start an online gambling business the right way, preventing future legal challenges and ensuring smooth operation for years to come.

Our services include both business and regulatory consulting to set your business off on the right foot. We provide comprehensive insight into the implications of targeting specific markets through your business and how that will affect your licensing and operations. Know ahead of time how your venture will fare against the complex regulatory and licensing challenges of the online gambling industry.

Not only does our team assess current regulatory implications, but we also provide guidance for potential future changes. The eGaming industry is among the fastest moving in the world. If your license may be at risk of regulatory changes, our team will let you know beforehand. You can plan for a resilient business that will continue to thrive in the industry in the future.

International Gaming, Betting, and Gambling Licenses

If you’re trying to find the proper method for how to get a gambling license for your operation, the first thing you need to ask is in which jurisdiction to seek out your registration. There are many options when it comes to international licensing, each with its own unique opportunities and challenges.

Our team can help you navigate this complex landscape and make the right decisions for your specific business. The nature of your products, the physical location and citizenship of you and your associates, and the countries in which you wish to offer services are all key factors in making the right choice. We combine long experience with cutting-edge regulatory research to help your business find the optimal licensing jurisdiction.

We also help businesses meet the specific requirements that those jurisdictions have. You may find yourself in need of a corporation, physical presence, or employees within the country in question. Our team has the necessary experience to accomplish these requirements at minimal cost while maintaining complete compliance.

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Technology Consultation

The nature of the online gambling industry necessitates a wide range of technologies to achieve distribution, payment, and more. Your business needs the right technology to ensure the reliability, efficiency, security, and legality of your operations. Making the wrong price could prove fatal for your business, resulting in lost revenue and regulatory or even criminal penalties.

Our team has helped many eGaming companies find their footing with trusted technology providers. We can help your business find the right solution for its unique model. You can find the support you need to establish a payment system that ensures security and privacy for both you and your customers, an absolute must for online gambling businesses.

In addition to general consultation, we can also provide introductions with key technology infrastructure providers and successfully handle tenders to ensure that you get the results you’re paying for. We help you overcome every challenge your business will face, whether technological, operational, or regulatory.

Choose Proven Experience to Support Your Business

If you’re in the process of creating or expanding your gaming, betting, or online gambling business and need regulatory and business support, you need a team with the experience and knowledge to get the job done. At Tal Ron, Drihem & Co., you can put your complete trust in our specialists and achieve the solid foundation your business needs to thrive and grow.

We’ve worked with many organizations from their establishment, helping them grow into major successes. You’ll find some of our clients listed on stock exchanges throughout the USA, England, Canada, and Sweden, a true testament to the scale they’ve achieved. Talk with us today to see how you can put your business on the same track.

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