Labour Law

Labor laws are an important issue and a source of many upheavals for companies that are insufficiently prepared. Due to the inherent power differences between employees and companies, legislators and labor courts tend to favor employees in disputes and conflicts surrounding labor laws. As such, it is important to anchor everything in a comprehensive employment agreement that will reflect to the parties the rights and obligations of employees towards employers during and at the end of their employment. The same is true for work with freelancers.

Furthermore, our firm has a wealth of unique knowledge and expertise in specific hi-tech labor laws (including representation at labor courts). Examples of issues that reach our doorstep are: rights to profits and options, global work and work from home, termination procedures, social contributions, bonuses and allocation of shares to employees, and also challenges that arise when a company decides to hire freelancers in Israel and abroad and claims that they are not employees (hint: some courts do not share this view). Employers, and employees, are welcome to consult with us on any issue.

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