Lawyer & Notary Tal Itzhak Ron

LL.B Law and Technology, BSc Computer Science
MSc Computer Science, BSc Mathematics (Hons.)

Tal holds a BSc in mathematics (hons.), an LLB in law and technology from the University of Haifa, a BSc in computer science, and an MSc in computer science (AI, computational linguistics and cryptography) from Bar-Ilan University, where he researched big data and scraping with Prof. Ido Dagan and published articles in esteemed journals. These topics frequently come up in ad-tech and content companies.

Tal has been active in the gaming, hi-tech and digital industries since 1997. At the age of eight he developed his first computer game on ZX Spectrum and Commodore computers. In 1997 Tal served as Head of Development at the IT company Ness.

In 2003, Tal began working as a lawyer, representing the biggest names of the online industries, when the field was still in its infancy. A large number of these have been regular clients of the firm for 20 years. Tal Ron, Drihem & Co. was established together with the lawyer Yaniv Drihem (who transitioned into the public sector) after working with Pini Rubin and Moriel Matalon, the top lawyers in their field from the Gornitzky & Co. law firm. From its establishment, Tal Ron, Drihem & Co. has dealt exclusively and intensively in providing legal support for various hi-tech and online companies.

Tal, a man of people, details and connections, began providing legal, commercial and regulatory services to cutting edge payment, fintech and digital companies, some of which have affiliated activities in gaming and other internet-based ventures. Tal quickly became the hottest name in the field, as he is the only attorney in Israel who combines legal knowledge with advanced degrees in computer science, and with practical experience in the field as Head of Development at Ness.

Tal provides personal and immediate response to every client around the clock. He is a strong believer in providing dedicated attention while both maintaining precision and delivering creative solutions.

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