Ms. Phyllis Robyn Hadar

Director of Clients Contracts

Phyllis Robyn Hadar joined Tal Ron, Drihem and Co. from Reichman University, Herzliya. Few years ago, Phyllis made the significant decision to move from New York to Israel, demonstrating her commitment and dedication, which she also demonstrates at her work with our firm’s clients. She eagerly joined the Israeli army as a lone soldier, embodying resilience and determination. Her academic pursuits at the University provided her with an in-depth understanding of legal principles and a comprehensive grasp of private and contractual and processes.

As a highly motivated individual with a versatile skill set, Phyllis excels in the legal arena. Her exceptional communication skills, stemming from being a native Hebrew and English speaker, empower her to effectively engage with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders in diverse contexts. She has in-depth knowledge in working with affiliates, affiliate networks, advertisers and publishers, as well as drafting and negotiating ad tech contracts, hi tech agreements, terms and conditions, IO’s and site policies.

Phyllis has been privileged to amass practical experience through her work  at the legal department of SolarEdge, an Israeli Company listed on Nasdaq, as well as at Israel’s largest law firm Goldfarb Seligman. These experiences have sharpened her analytical acuity, attention to detail, and proficiency in navigating intricate legal frameworks.

Outside of her work, Phyllis is a dedicated enthusiastic of art, Pillates and fitness.

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