Our Story

Tal Ron, Drihem & Co.

Many lawyers specialize in hi-tech, but we at Tal Ron, Drihem & Co. see and do things a little differently. With twenty years of legal experience in gaming, cyber, fintech, affiliate marketing, ad-tech, dating, and other online industries, we know this space inside and out. That is, we know not only the legal – but also the business – needs of our clients.

We advise both new and established businesses, closely accompanying them at both the macro and micro levels, by addressing various essential questions:

What kind of business are we dealing with? Which markets should be targeted and in what order? What are the regulatory risks? The opportunities? The landmines? Where and how should the business be established and regulated? Who are the relevant and recommended suppliers? Relevant employees? Who are the customers? What is the optimal banking and payment infrastructure? And once the business is up and running – how can operation, revenue, legal and technology aspects be continuously optimized? What are the options for scaling and at what cost? How can the best traffic be sourced? What are the growing pains, challenges and solutions that accompany a similar business in the same sector? Is it worth keeping the business as a cash cow (since most of our clients achieve this in a short time with our help) or to aim, gradually or quickly, for an exit or public offering? These are questions which encompass an entire world and which our firm has handled hundreds of times over our twenty years of service.

Our team lives and breathes hi-tech, with a strong emphasis on gaming, finance, and online. Our team members participate in conferences as keynote speakers and panel moderators, and are invited to lecture at the foremost events around the world. All of this is to provide our clients with the most professional service package. We excel at what we do because we are passionate about what we do.

Given that the nature of our business requires urgent and immediate support, we commit to full availability. We invite you to contact us with any question 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Try us! We are here to help.

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