Terms & Conditions

Not all websites are created equal. Every industry is different, and every website within a certain industry is not the same as another within it, unless it has been copied, or “fell off a truck” as is said, with all that implies.

Terms of use are important because they are in effect the set agreement between the site and its visitors, and they regulate all the “dos and don’ts” on the site. However, we have encountered quite a few cases that challenged the legality and validity of the terms of use. We strive to prevent the resulting uncertainty.

Ostensibly, terms of use provide a clear picture with regards to the nature of the products or services offered by the site, its cancellation policy and defined risk, site access restriction (including attention to specific countries in which access is restricted due to local regulation), an address for inquiries in case of a problem with a product or a need for service, and more. As mentioned, there will always be differences between websites, and financial and regulatory institutions are raising the bar in inspecting businesses and ensuring that they have adequate terms of use and clear policies on various matters. Any online business that strives to be successful will have tailor-made terms of use, as we make a point to provide at Tal Ron, Drihem & Co.

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