Ongoing Legal Services

Key to proper legal support is ongoing legal coverage. Considering that we only offer services on retainer, we are proud that over 90% of our clients have continuously worked with us for years. In fact, over 40 clients have been working with us since 2010 and even earlier, and 9 started working with us between 2003 and 2006.

Given the dynamic nature of online industries, companies must always keep their finger on the pulse. This also applies to legal coverage, which must be niche and specific, and not merely deal with commercial law or hi-tech superficially. Legal continuity and comprehensive commercial support, contractual and banking support, and familiarity with your line of work inside and out (from both academic and practical knowledge) – these have no substitute.

This is evident in the success of the companies we work with, some of which started working with us as a few partners who took no salary and were later listed on Nasdaq, NYSE, LSE, ASX, and TSX, as well as in India, Poland and other countries.

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